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Bitter Revenge

Revenge is sweeter than blood.

Victor Von Doom. No longer here, kitties. Victor Von Doom is GONE. Deal with it. I haven't been Von Doom since Reed's little accident. He was supposted to have everything figured out. But no. Instead of the seven hours, we had seven minutes to get to saftey. Had he listened to me and left Ben Grimm outside the ship and closed the shields, I would have been myself. No. I won't dare think like that. You may call me Doom. Dr. Doom. I'm arch enemy of the Fantastic Four. I have the power to take electricity out of a building and use it as a deadly weapon on my enemies. The Fantastic Four sha'll suffer. Doom is not dead! He never will be.

Sue, My love. Why didn't you accept my proposal? You fool. Now I sha'll be forced to kill you and your hot head little brother. He'll be fun to kill. I'll make you watch as he takes his last breath. And Reed Richards. You're mine. You'll see how truly evil you made me you little fucker. And Ben Grimm. You should have stayed a human. Now I'll watch as you squirm in my grasp. You may have destroyed my life, Reed. But I must tell you. I've never felt better. You think I had power before. You haven't seen anything yet.
destruction and science